March, 2017
Stan Appleton, ITNLanier Board and Southern Breakfast Chef
Carol Burrell, CEO, Northeast Georgia Health System
Thank You to Our Supporters! 
ITNLanier delivers 1,000th ride

This is a very exciting time for iTNLanier.  After only 10 months of operations, we have just completed our 1,000th Ride…100 rides over our first year plan! We could not have made it this far without Hall County’s outstanding community support.  To celebrate and thank our contributing donors, we held the iTNLanier 1,000th Ride Champagne Southern Breakfast on March 4th at Grace Episcopal Church.  

It was truly an iTNLanier family affair!  With over 65 folks in attendance, we enjoyed Board Member Stan Appleton’s wonderful southern cooking and relaxed with music from The Blackbird Quartet with Board Member Richard Hunt playing the trombone.  What could possibly make the event even more meaningful?  Carol Burrell, CEO of Northeast Georgia Health System, provided our 1,000th ride to John Stiehr, a frequent user of iTNLanier transportation services.  

During the event, we launched the iTNLanier ED Campaign with Memorial Park Funeral Home and Stan Appleton being the first two major contributors. Read more about the ED campaign in this newsletter.

Special thanks to Memorial Park Funeral Home along with Stan, Carol, Richard, John and all who made this event a great success!

Erika Walker
Chair, iTNLanier
Meet Ms. Ed! 
ITNLanier Executive Director Campaign

The Good News?  iTNLanier is growing fast! 1,000 rides, 69 members, 35 volunteer drivers, 21,000 miles driven.  The Other Good News?  We are growing so fast we need to expand our staff!  One full time office manager and many hundreds of volunteer hours are not enough to maintain our growth.

We need an Executive Director.  As a result, we are launching the iTNLanier Executive Director Campaign.  So we invite you to “Meet Ms. Ed”!  You may notice that Ms. Ed is made up of 20 puzzle pieces…each represents a $3,000 contribution towards her existence…AND we are proud to say we have 3 of the 20 pieces already “spoken for”!

Memorial Park Funeral Home announced their campaign support at the iTNLanier Champagne Southern Breakfast contributing the very first puzzle piece.  Special thanks to Jack Frost and Memorial Park Funeral Home for their generosity and belief in iTNLanier!  

During the event, Stan & Susie Appleton generously purchased the very next puzzle piece showing their commitment to our mission.  Thank you, Stan & Susie!  Following the event, Paul Maney contributed along with Larry & Brenda Preiss and Richard & Linda Hunt resulting in a third puzzle piece.

OK We have Ms. ED’s hair, right ear and left ear puzzle piece completed.  Anyone interested in her shoulders?  Please contact Erika Walker at 864-313-9691 for further details.
Volunteer Drivers Needed!! 
We work around your schedule

With our growth, we realize we need more volunteer drivers!  What is required of a volunteer driver? Why Volunteer to Drive?
You help…
Seniors stay independent and healthy by
  • taking them to visit friends
  • attend church events
  • go shopping
  • see their doctor
Provide a positive alternative to an increasing national problem by ensuring that seniors have a great choice without “burdening” family or friends

Make driving safer for everyone

AND…You get a mileage tax credit, earn credits for free transportation as well as two free memberships you can donate or share. Call 678-696-0360 to sign up or find out more.
Thank you to our Supporters! 

Referral and financial support from medical community
  • Northeast Georgia Health System
  • Diagnostic Clinic
  • Longstreet Clinic
  • Gainesville Family Dentistry
Volunteer, scholarship and financial support from churches
  • First Baptist
  • First Methodist
  • First Presbyterian
  • Free Chapel
  • Grace Episcopal
  • Lakewood Baptist
  • Cresswind Community Foundation
  • Thanks Mom and Dad
Lanier Tech MDC
  • Office Space
Business support
  • Lanier Village Estates
  • Jackson EMC
  • Memorial Park Funeral Home
  • Little & Davenport Funeral Home
  • Peach State Bank
  • Helping Hand Home Care
  • Right at Home Care
  • Greene Ford
  • J & J Welding
  • McDonald’s
  • Stewart, Melvin & Frost
  • Turner, Wood & Smith
  • Cargill
  • Cox Communications & Electronics
  • Crane Transport
  • Rushton and Company
AND  Many Individual Contributors!
Why ITNLanier? 
Article Subtitle
Why iTNLanier?  Listen to this video from your Hall County community explaining the value of this new 24/7, door through door senior transportation program.

Video is available at

Help iTNLanier with a One Time or Scheduled Tax Deductible Donation!


Please consider contributing to iTNLanier, Hall County’s newest senior transportation program.  We are receiving an increase in quarterly donations and invite you to consider that option.

$50 Donation – 5 Rides
$50 Month Donation ($600 Annual) – 60 Rides a Year

$100 Donation – 10 Rides
$100 Quarterly Donation ($400 Annual) – 40 Rides a Year
$100 Bi-Monthly Donations ($600 Annual) – 60 Rides a Year

We currently have 35 drivers and 69 rider members and are receiving frequent phone calls and emails from seniors or their caregivers who need our service. The Board has adopted a conservative business plan and is working in the community to gain support.  Consider donating to our scholarship funds to help those who cannot afford to pay for their transportation.  We are asking you to join us in this important program for Hall County seniors who can no longer drive.

Please take the time now to make a donation helping us continue to serve the transportation needs of our members.
Why is Senior Transportation So Valuable? 
Testimonials from ITNLanier Members…
One of our members goes to the hospital once a month for a blood transfusion. This is a 6 or 8 hour procedure and finishes late in the evening. By using ITNLanier, this member is assured that she will be able to get home after her procedure and this gives her the ability to set up her treatments when she needs them without worrying about how she will get there and back home.
We have a member who is a volunteer with oncology registration one day per week. She lives with her daughter. The daughter works and is not always able to pick her up after her shift. With ITNLanier, our member can do her volunteer work and contribute to the community. It is a win, win for her.